Output of HCFC-22 Grows up 0.53% Y-O-Y in September

http://www.chinaiol.com   2017/10/20 9:22:27   Source:产业在线ChinaIOL  

In September, output of HCFC-22 is 34.23 thousand tons, up 0.53% y-o-y, down 3.91% m-o-m. At early September, security check is still going on.

Supply of raw material became shortage for AHF factories overhauling.

At middle of September, refrigerant factories operated in low load. Yonghe operated 0% at early September and operated 70% at mid-September. Juhua operated 70%. Dongyue, Myland and Sanmei operated 60%-70%. Arkema and Limin operated 50%-60%. Other factories operated normally. At the end of September, export orders increased because of demand warming.

In September, HCFC-22’s mainstream factory price is about 13,370 Yuan/ton. By the end of September, HCFC-22 used for refrigerant mainstream factory price is 14,000 Yuan-15,500 Yuan/ton. HCFC-22 used for TFE raw materials mainstream factory price is 13,500 Yuan/ton-14,000 Yuan/ton.

HCFC-22’s price will rise up in short term.