Production and Sales of Scroll Compressor Increases 20% in November   2018/1/2 15:42:29   Source:产业在线ChinaIOL  

In November, production of scroll compressor is 399.5 thousand sets, up 23.30% y-o-y, up 4.14% m-o-m. Sales volume of scroll compressor is 395.7 thousand sets, up 21.62% y-o-y, up 3.49% m-o-m. Domestic volume of scroll compressor is 349 thousand sets, up 21.05% y-o-y, up 0.72% m-o-m. Export volume of scroll compressor is 46.7 thousand sets, up 26% y-o-y, up 30.22% m-o-m.


Export amount of scroll compressor is 12799.1 thousand dollars, up 17.22% y-o-y. Export unit price is 274.25 $/set, down 6.79% y-o-y. Emerson increases over 90%. Danfoss, Panasonic (Dalian) and Johnson controls all have a well performance. India, France, Arab, Japan, South Korea and Brazil all increases in different degree.