Samsung Commits to R32 Expansion Following Wind-free AC Launch   2018/4/17 13:57:42  

New air conditioner technology designed to curb reliance on direct air flow is intended to be made available for use with R32 from later this year

Samsung has said it intends to step up the supply of cooling solutions making use of R32 refrigerant later this year for a range of products such as its new ‘wind-free’ air conditioners system designed to ensure improved comfort by curbing use of direct air flow.

The technology will be available in both 4 and 1-way cassettes and is being launched in the UK alongside a 3 pipe Mini VRF as part of a broader strategy to stake a claim on the much-coveted market position as the country’s third biggest supplier of air conditioning technology.

Andrew Faulkner, Samsung’s air conditioning commercial manager, said that the wind-free cassette split systems and VRF units would from launch be designed to make use of R410A gas.

The refrigerant is becoming increasingly expensive because of stricter quotas on the amount of higher GWP being made available to the market under F-Gas regulation to push use of less carbon intensive gas in cooling.

However, Mr Faulkner said he expected more variations of the company’s technology to make use of alternative refrigerant over the coming months.

He said, “We ‘expect’ our commercial split systems, including the wind-free cassettes range will start to use R32 later in the year. In addition, R32 wind-free wall units were launched in January 2018.”

Samsung has trademarked the wind-free technology, which is designed to obtain a desired cooling temperature in an environment and then maintain those conditions by gently dispersing cool and still air through micro holes to create a more natural cooling effect. This limits the amount of direct air flow in the cooling process. This wind free mode is claimed by the company to ensure a more energy efficient operation.

Samsung will be providing its wind-free 4-way cassettes both as split systems and VRF indoor units. There variations will be offered in both a standard sized cassette style and a mini variant that is measured 600mm x 600mm.

The company will also release a smaller capacity 3 pipe mini VRF system under the name of the DVM S Eco HR to simultaneously provide heating and cooling functions.