Toshiba: Warnings of Further Woe with R410A, as Component Shortages Bite   2018/5/4 23:15:25  

Manufacturer Toshiba has warned that the current spiralling costs and availability issues with R410A, stemming from the F-Gas quota reductions, are set to be compounded by issues with the refrigerant’s key component.

David Dunn commercial manager said: “We are now told that there are shortages of the floating compound for R125, which will impact R410A availability. In this context, the phasedown of HFC quotas may be the least of our worries.”

The manufacturer has just unveiled its first range of R32 equipment (see separate story) and Mr Dunn underlined that the current issues with R410A only served to strengthen calls to move towards lower-GWP alternatives. He said: “The message must be to cut back on use of R410A now.”